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Company's Speciality

Our Scientific vision of energy sources

We make the best Solar electric Weeding machine. Which is efficient, Light Weight and powerful.

  • Our machine Occupies an area of 10 inch only.
  • Power full Li-ion Battery Which provides 2 – 8 Hours of backup.
  • 1 HP motor and gearbox.
  • Comes with the facility of Light Charging As well as Solar charging
Phenix Solar Weeding Is A Great Fuel, Human Energy And Time Saver Which is the best and efficient.
Amit Pharande

Our solutions

Fertilier Sower

  • All Types of Organic & inorganic ertilizer Sower.
  • Correct & accurate.
    Can Be used with Single side ridger.
  • Effective for making small Ridges for Immature Sugarcane & similar Crops.

clean tech

Pressure Sprayer

  • 360° Vertical & 6 Feet linear Rotatable Individual Arms Spray In two rows at a time.
  • 20 liters tank capacity.
  • Spray all types of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, Herbicides, & fertilies


Ecofriendly and Fast.

Seed Sowing machine

  • Easy to install on Same frame.
  • Easy, Accurate and fast.
  • Advance Sensorbase Syncroniartion.
  • Watch video for more information.

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We are manufacturers of

  • Electric Vehicle Batteries.
  • Solar Electric Agro Products.
  • Solar Emergency Lamps.
  • Industrial Electronic Products.
  • Tyre Press Machines.

clean tech

Important points and speciality

  • Eco-friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Fast
  • Powerfull
  • LED Headlamps
  • Press to start
  • Smart Display
  • Thumb Accelerator
  • Compact and smart
  • Accurate
  • Multi-tasking
  • Light Weigth & Advanced
  • Quick Swappable battery
  • Fast Charging
  • MCB for Safety
  • Top link for depth adjustment
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vision for the future

about our Company

We have more than 20 years of experience in solar and electric circuit design we started our journey in 1989 as a TV VCR service center, in 1995 we started working in solar emergency lanterns. 

In 2015 we started our 2nd unit of Electrical Vehicle Service and Hybrid conversion of petrol vehicles, and based on this 4 years experience and 19 years experience in Battery and charging systems we started R&D in EV base agri production in 2020. we started a farm as phenix solar agro-industries ,and hence after the development we  started the manufacturing of phenix solar innercrop Cultivators and power trillers. 

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Encourage the world to use Ecofriendly Products and make our environment more safe for our futuire.


Our vision is to make our Ecofriendly products Easily available for all the farmers and people in India.


We use solar and charging technology in our Products.

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Mfg unit :
Plot no. P110, Additional MIDC, Satara.
R&D Unit :
Plot no. 13, Phenix Uttekar Nagar Sadarbazar, Satara.